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GFGS Schools Virtual Gardening Competition 2016

Running a schools ‘virtual gardening competition’ was a new venture for the Federation this year and so has really been a work in progress for us. The idea came about because having run the schools basket competition for a few years we knew how difficult it was for some to fill a basket having been away from the school garden in July and August.

We started with some very basic rules:

1. Take photographs of this years school gardening activities (maximum of 20 images) add brief explanatory captions and include images of harvested produce.

2. In not more than 300 words say what your school group has gained from gardening (We are hoping this will be composed by the students).

3. Submit images and report no later than the end of July using dedicated email address.

The following schools/junior gardening clubs entered, please click on name to view entry.

All entries were of a high standard so a difficult job for the judges!

If you are reading this and connected with a school or junior gardening club, and you are in an area covered by one of our member clubs/societies then tell them about it and if they are interested in next years competition they can contact us at

You can discover whether there is a club or society near your school by looking at our list of affiliated clubs.

You might also like to know that there is a ‘Sowing, Planting & Harvesting‘ advice sheet on the website, Click here for advice sheet

If you do download a copy please contact Dennis Sutton (GFGS Chairman) with any comments you might have, he has produced it with schools in mind. He can be contacted at (This is also a work in progress).


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